The Film and Music Industry Carinthia

Over 250 companies are active within the Carinthian film and music industry. We are creative, innovative, and experienced enterprises that compete on a national and international level, achieving great success.

This page provides customers with the opportunity to find the right partner for their project. The Company search offers a quick keyword search and a filter that presents orientations and activities clearly. Our wide range of services is impressively displayed here.

Furthermore, the page serves as a service for member companies and promotes networking among them. Collaborative work enhances quality, benefiting our customers and us.

Interested youth and newcomers to the profession can find valuable information and further links in the Education section.

Green Producing

In Austria's film and music industry, a green shift has begun, as there is enormous potential here for significant and necessary CO2 savings. Green Producing will evolve into the new quality standard in the future.

For more information, you can find it here.

Music Charts


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