Training opportunities for film, sound, and music professions in Carinthia


Carinthia offers several training opportunities for media and communication professions where film, sound, and music are part of the curriculum.

More specific training for film and sound can be found in the capital city of Vienna. You can get a good overview of these options on the website

Below you will find a summary of the opportunities available to you in Carinthia.

Academic Education


University of Klagenfurt Bachelor of Media and Communication Science

At the University of Klagenfurt, film and sound design are offered as part of the study program in Media and Communication Science.

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Gustav Mahler Private University Klagenfurt

Gustav Mahler Private University offers comprehensive training in the field of music, which provides a solid foundation for music professions such as music producer, sound engineer, etc.

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FH Carinthia Multimedia Technology Study Program

At FH Villach, you can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a specialization in Multimedia Technology.

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Vocational Schools


HTL Villach Media Technology

The HTL Villach offers a comprehensive technical education in the field of Media Technology, with a focus on Creative Computing, VR and 3D, Web Development, Game Design, Video, Photo, and Audio.

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CHS Villach Communication and Media Design

The Centrum Humanberuflicher Schulen (CHS) in Villach offers an education focused on creativity in the field of Communication and Media Design.

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Training in film and sound technology within the framework of an apprenticeship is provided in the occupation of media specialist.

Media specialists with a focus on graphics, print, publishing, and audiovisual media develop layout and design for print and online products and organize the production of audio, video, and animations.
For the production of audio, video, or animation content, they create dramatic and visual concepts and coordinate the production with specialists in 2D and 3D animation sequences, as well as video and audio.

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Further Education


Wifi Carinthia

Wifi Carinthia offers several courses in the field of multimedia that deal with media design and video production.

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